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Most definitely yes. Spikes have not been a problem. We discourage the use of needle spikes due to the possibility of tearing the vinyl just like on a foam pit.

The inflatable pit is one solid unit and therefore, athletes cannot fall through a crease and get injured. The pit is designed in such a way that you will not bounce off the pit like an inflatable bounce house. When a jumper lands on the pit, it actually slightly deflates to prevent bouncing.

The pit is designed to have constant pressure to keep it inflated so the blowers do remain on at all times. In regards to the noise, the blowers are best when purchased and used with the storage case because they then remain in the case at all times and the noise is negligible indoors or outdoors. Even if the blowers are used without a storage case, the hum of the blower is not distracting.

The high jump and pole vault pits store in a fraction of the space a typical foam pit requires. The high jump pit stores in a 52″ x 34″ x 24″ aluminum storage case. Storage and portability has been one of the major reasons customers love our pits. The pit is easily transportable in the back of a Van, SUV or Pickup truck.

All competitino pits are warranted for 10 years and the blower has a manufacturers’ warranty for one year. With proper care and storage of the units they will last beyond the warranty period.

The high jump pit was originally designed for indoor practice use, but with slight design modifications over the years, it has become just as popular for outdoor use. When the pit is anchored down outdoors, it will not move or slide like a traditional pit. It is very easy to move the pit from outdoors to indoors in case of inclement weather or unsafe jumping conditions.

The pits exceed all the requirements for high school, NCAA and IAAF specifications. The pits have been used in State Championship competitions and also AAU Regional and National competitions.

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